Kaleidoscope Flower

 Kaleidoscope Flower, stained glass mosaic, 15" in diameter, 2017 ~SOLD
This is the latest mandala design I created as a template for the Kasia Mosaics Classes Website. This design is available as a download via the Templates Section of the site which offers mandala, flower, owl and geometric patterns for glass enthusiasts, hobbyists and Kasia Mosaics Students.     

Seen above, the pre-gluing and grouting this new design measures 14.5" in diameter and then 15" in diameter once glued and grouted.  This particular patter is meant for intermediate glass students as it contains very small, harder to cut shapes in the center. 

If you've never worked with glass but would like to build up to being able to create one of the Kasia Mosaics Mandala Designs at home, take a look at the all-level, beginner friendly Kasia Mosaics Online Flower Class.  This class will teach you how to use the tools I use to create all of my mosaic work, it comes with 12 flower project templates, shows the entire process from start to finish with added tips and additional tutorials as well as access to a private Facebook learning group. 

Purple Spiral

Purple Spiral, stained glass mosaic, 18" x 18" (19" x 19" framed), 2014 ~SOLD

 The beginning ...

 Progress and size comparison.


 Here I am holding up the mosaic for scale and to show how its framed. 

Detail shot - all those circles are hand cut by me, using the flathead tile nippers. 

Every piece of glass is hand cut and shaped.

 More shots of the frame.


Meraki stained glass mosaic (framed), 18"x18", 2016   ~SOLD

Meraki ~ Is doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

Cutting and arranging the pattern.


Side view of framed mosaic. Frame is custom made from red oak, stained in ebony black and finished in satin.


Koru ~ A New Life

Koru - A New Life, stained glass mosaic on board, 11" x 16", 2011   SOLD

A good friend/aunt of mine commissioned me to create a unique surprise present for her daughter and her partner who at that time just found out that they were expecting a baby.  She and her husband have just given it to her daughter and her partner just a few days ago so I've finally decided to share it with the rest of the world.  I was felt very honored and was very excited to take on this wonderful challenge.  These were my guidelines "I'd like it to be abstract but also have the joy of creation, the beauty of a new life coming into being..."

Because I know the recipients of this mosaic so well, I knew that they really love bright, bold colors, especially yellow (optimism, renewal, hope, enlightenment, joy and happiness) and orange (energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, and vibrancy).  At the time of the commission, we didn't yet know the gender of the baby so I thought that these colors would be perfect.  Another inspiration for this piece was the spiral (koru) as the basis for the composition. Koru is a spriral shape that is based on the unfurling of a silver fern; it symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace - all that come with the creation of a new life.  I've always been fascinated with spirals so I was extra excited about incorporating it into a mosaic design.

I've worked on this piece with it being oriented as the one in the lower right hand corner but once I completed it and turned it in all the possible orientations, I had a hard time deciding which way I liked it best. As a result I've put four different hooks on the back so that the new owners can decide which on their own which way feels best. Plus as they live with it they can keep turning it to change it up.

Black and White Penta Flower

Black and White Penta Flower, stained glass mosaic (framed), 18"x18", 2016 ~SOLD

All the glass is hand cut and arranged by me.

Grouting, then framing.

The mosaic catching the sunlight.

Size comparison for this custom framed piece.

Nautic Spiral Mosaic

Nautic Spiral, stained glass mosaic, 18" x 18", 2013 ~SOLD
Here is a shot of me figuring out my color palette alongside of the sketch I build the mosaic on.  Initially I was going to use the purple for accents but as I began to work I decided that I wanted a purely aquatic feeling. 
Some of the process ... here you can also see the tools I use to create all my mosaics with.
A detail of the taped mosaics almost ready for gluing.
Here is a fun screen shot from Kyle editing the latest video of me creating the spiral mosaic The video is going to start with me cutting the first piece of glass up to the grouting so it should be pretty fun =)  I'll post a link once its completed.

Mosaic Mandala 5

Mandala 5, stained glass mosaic on board, 15" in diameter, 2016 ~sold

This image is copyrighted to Kasia Mosaics. If you would like to use it for your hobby project (not for producing work for sale), please purchase the template via the Kasia Mosaics Classes website: https://www.kasiamosaicsclasses.com/product/mandala-template-design-5/

The glass is all hand cut and neatly arranged on the Kasia Mosaics template.

Grouting in charcoal black - sanded grout. The edge was painted in black to match the grout color.